What is White Collar Crime and How Can a Greenville, SC Attorney Help?

In our modern world, we live in the wake of a global financial crisis, and every day more executives and businessmen face charges of white-collar crime. Here in Greenville, South Carolina, white collar crime is also on the rise, and prosecutors are becoming more aggressive in treating these kinds of offenses as serious crimes which merit significant consequences.

Have you been accused of a white-collar crime like fraud or embezzlement? If so, you may not be aware of the seriousness of your situation or of your need for immediate representation. We urge you to contact the law offices of Brumback & Langley at your earliest convenience, so that our white collar crime attorneys in Greenville, SC can review your case and begin the process of mounting a strong defense.

What is a White Collar Crime in Greenville, SC?

A white collar crime is typically a crime of a financial nature carried out by someone in the sphere of business, such as a manager or executive. The term “white collar crime” was initially coined in 1939 by a sociologist who used the term to describe a crime committed in the course of one’s occupation by a person with a respectable social status. Today, the term is used to refer to economic or property crimes, usually carried out in the guise of business.

The most common charge among white collar crime is fraud – this is largely

White Collar Crime Lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina
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because the word “fraud” is itself a broad term which can describe a large array of violations. To the white collar crime attorney in Greenville, SC, fraud refers to any use of deception, dishonesty, or coercive measures to acquire money or property illegally. It is not difficult to see that fraud is one of the broadest, oldest, and most recognized legal violation in the history of the law. Whatever the specifics of your charge, a fraud allegation is very serious, often carrying significant prison terms. Since the term itself is so broad, it is difficult to speculate as to typical sentences, but suffice to say that the services of an experienced white collar crime lawyer in Greenville, SC should be sought out immediately.

What are Securities Fraud and Bank Fraud? – White Collar Crime in Greenville, SC

Securities fraud refers to misrepresenting information used by investors, leading them to make financial decisions that they would not otherwise have made. It is most definitely considered a white collar crime in South Carolina because it generally involves larger sums of money being handled through investment channels to the detriment of the investors and the benefit of the alleged criminal. Bernie Madoff was famously charged with securities fraud in 2008. If you are faced with a charge of securities fraud, the services of an experienced white collar crime attorney in Greenville, South Carolina will be even more important. Your lawyer will be an ally when you have very few.

Legally, bank fraud differs from securities fraud. Bank fraud is a white-collar crime in which fraudulent tactics are used to gain money illegally from a financial institution such as a bank. The most obvious example of bank fraud is probably money laundering, but offenses such as check kiting, forgery of checks, impersonation of bank officials, obtaining a loan via fraudulent means, or wire transfer fraud also fall under the bank fraud umbrella. Like securities fraud, these are serious allegations and require the services of a white collar crime lawyer in Greenville, SC to ensure the strongest possible defense.

Embezzlement and White Collar Crime Attorneys in Greenville, SC

Embezzlement is a crime that carries a heavy stigma with it, and very few people have sympathy or patience for alleged embezzlers. Since the financial crisis, public opinion regarding those guilty of financial crimes like embezzlement has shifted toward supporting the harshest punishments for those found guilty. This is why it is important to reach out to an attorney familiar with white collar crime who can ensure you receive a fair trial.

Embezzlement is a white collar crime that occurs when someone uses their access to certain financial resources, usually in the course of a job, for personal gain. Commonly, embezzling is simple theft – skimming regularly from the drawer of a cash register, for instance. However, often cases of embezzlement are more complex, so it is vital that you hire an experienced white collar crime attorney for your criminal defense to ensure that you understand all the issues involved as well as the potential penalties. 

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