Accounting License Defense Attorney in Greenville, SC

In the world of accounting, getting your accounting license can be difficult to earn. For example, a CPA license is important because it can make it easier to practice accounting and use that as a way to earn a living. Many accountants make their living helping during tax season, doing bookkeeping services for their clients throughout the year, and helping with other budgeting and record keeping needs.

Unfortunately, it is possible that you could face license suspension, and even a loss of license, if you are accused and found to have violated standard accounting practices. When you are dealing with this kind of investigation, it can really cause harm to your business, even if you do not lose your license. For example, if others hear that you are under investigation for your accounting business, how easy will it be for people to trust you to handle their finances again? Taking swift action against these charges with the help of a good accounting license defense lawyer in Greenville is just what your business needs.

What happens when someone files a complaint?

Before an investigation is conducted into your accounting practices, a client will need to file a formal complaint. This complaint is going to charge you with either a professional malpractice or ethics violation. Anyone is able to file one of these complaints if they think that someone unethical or unprofessional is going on with your accounting business.

The licensing board in your state will then be able to determine whether the claim is valid and if they need to perform an investigation into the situation. Many times there are complaints from disgruntled or unhappy clients, but whether the board decides to investigate will depend on each individual situation.

Once one of these claims have been filed and the board decides to go through an investigation of your practices, then you will receive a letter notifying you of the proceedings. Once you receive this notice, make sure to secure the services of an accounting license defense lawyer in Greenville. They will be able to handle the case for you and represent you throughout the investigation to help you keep your accounting license and your business going.

What can the state board investigate?

The State Board of Accountancy is charged with promoting the confidence the public has in accounting practices in how it regards to any accounting or financial institution. It will ensure that individuals who are in charge of preparing any financial statements or reports are adhering to professional accounting practices. In most states, these boards are able to regulate the professional conduct of licensed professionals in the accounting field.

This is important to remember. The State Board of Accountancy in your state is not there to be your friend. They are there to provide a service to the public and to ensure that you are doing your job. Even if the board investigator seems friendly and on your side, you must always be careful about the information you share or what you say to them because it could be used against you in the investigation. Even better, make sure that you have your accounting license defense lawyer in Greenville present any time that you talk to someone on the board about this case.

There are many issues that the State Board of Accountancy can investigate. Some of these include:

  • The professional conduct as well as any ethical behavior that would indicate that the person is not able to practice as a Certified Public Accountant.
  • Conviction of fraud or other illegal dishonesty.
  • If the individual with the accounting license has been convicted of a felony.
  • If the accountant obtained fees using fraudulent practices.
  • If the accountant violated the rules for how to act professionally as an accountant.
  • Gross negligence, acts of dishonesty, and acts of fraud when performing your duties as an accountant.

Depending on how the investigation goes, it is possible for a CPA to lose their license. If the accountant is also convicted of some other crime that has a sentence of a year or more in prison, they can also lose their license. And according to the bylines in some states in regards to the accounting industry, it is possible for a CPA to be expelled or even suspended without a hearing if they are convicted of another crime.

This is why it is so important to talk to an accounting license defense attorney in Greenville if you are being charged with a crime and you have a professional license. The Accounting Board in your area is there to protect the consumer and can sometimes act too quickly before looking at all of the circumstances of a case. They can even take away your license after just being charged, not convicted, of another crime; effectively taking away your professional status and leaving you without a way to make an income. As a CPA, your personal and professional life will determine whether your license is at risk and a proper accounting license defense lawyer in Greenville can help you keep your license.

Are there other ways I can lose my license?

In addition to some of the ways that we talked about above, if you fail to file your tax return one year or you file a tax return that is fraudulent, then you can lose your professional license. You also can’t file a fraudulent tax return for a client, and you must uphold all of the tax codes in the United States when you are working.

There is a special committee within the accounting board for ethics that is responsible for dealing with CPA’s and the professional code of conduct that these individuals must follow. This committee will also deal with any disciplinary action that is needed when it is found that an ethical issue has occurred.

While the job of the board of accounting in your state is to help protect consumers from accountants who will not work up to the standard of conduct in the area, and it has been able to stop some unscrupulous accountants in the past, for most accountants, these reviews can be time-consuming and financially draining. This is why it is so important to hire an accounting license defense lawyer in Greenville to help as soon as you are notified of a claim against you.

Should I hire an accounting license defense Lawyer?

The accounting board in your state can hold some power over whether you get to keep your professional license or not. Depending on the case, they can impose fines, suspend your license, and even take your license away. Losing your license can mean a loss to your livelihood and can be nearly impossible to gain back at a later time. A good accounting license defense lawyer in Greenville can help you fight your case and keep your license so you can keep working in your field.

If you have been charged with a claim that could take away your professional accounting license, make sure to contact our professionals at Brumback and Langley. We have the professionals you need to take a look at your case and help you every step of the way. Contact us today to get started.