When a personal injury occurs because of the fault of another, it can take a toll. You have medical bills that are racking up and lost time from work because of your injuries. At this point, you need the help of a Greenville personal injury attorney. This is so you can get the compensation you deserve by fighting for your rights under the law. A Greenville personal injury lawyer has your needs in mind and works to get you justice in your case. Do not let another’s negligent actions go uncompensated. There are personal injury lawyers available to help you with your case.

Personal injury can occur in many different ways. Injuries that occur because of an accident that was the fault of another deserve compensation. Whether hurt because of a slip and fall accident or a negligent product, a Greenville personal injury lawyer can help. We can evaluate your case and help you determine what compensation you deserve for your injuries.


Common Greenville Personal Injury Accidents

When determining if you have a personal injury case that deserves a settlement award, consider these typical accidents:

Slip and fall accidents

A property owner is responsible for making sure you’re safe when you are at their home or commercial space. When an accident occurs because of their negligence, you need compensation for your injuries. Slippery floors and pavement can cause severe injuries as well as unkempt grounds, inoperable elevators, and unmaintained stairways. These are areas where you can easily fall and hurt yourself, requiring medical care for your injuries. Allow a personal injury attorney in Greenville to determine if your slip and fall accident is the fault of another. and deserving of a settlement award.

Dog bites

When a dog bite occurs, the injuries can be severe. They can be emotionally traumatic as well as physically scarring. A dog owner needs to have control over their dog at all times.  They must make sure you are not put at risk because their dog is dangerous. Allow a Greenville personal injury attorney to assist you with your personal injury case. They work to prove the negligence of the dog owner.

Property accidents

Anytime you’re on the property that’s owned by another, they need to make sure it is safe for you. Property owners that do not properly care for their surroundings can put you at risk. When you are hurt on the premises of another because they failed to secure or properly mark dangerous areas, you have a right to have personal injury lawyers evaluate your case and determine if negligence occurred.

Product liability

Just like the owner of a property needs to make sure you are safe; product manufacturers also have a liability to ensure your safety. If a product has caused you harm, injury or made you ill, South Carolina personal injury attorneys can develop a suit against the company that manufactured the product. Product manufacturers need to warn consumers of possible injury or harm, and without these notices, you have a personal injury case that deserves a settlement.

Medical device defects

Medical devices can cause great harm and, in some cases, make your symptoms more severe. It is the responsibility of the medical device producer to warn of all possible side effects and detrimental effects of their products. When a medical device producer fails to notify the public of these effects, it puts people at risk without warning. You need to see a personal injury attorney to get help for these injuries and get a settlement award to pay for your medical care.

Workplace accidents

Often times workplace accidents are the fault of your employer. You have a right under the law to file a lawsuit for their negligent actions. Whether it was company policy or procedures, faulty equipment or poor management that caused your injury, a Greenville personal injury lawyer can help you get a settlement award for your injuries on top of the benefits you received.

Prescription drug negligence

Prescription drugs that do not warn about complications or adverse effects can cause great harm to individuals that use them. Without proper warnings, you can become ill or have severe symptoms that get worse with the use of these drugs. Negligence of prescriptions drugs is a personal injury that needs compensation and personal injury attorneys are available to help you with your case.

A man falling from a ladder while at work in Greenville, SC

Compensation for Your Greenville Personal Injury Case

Your injuries in a personal injury accident deserve fair compensation. You need coverage for your medical treatment for your injuries and the wages you lost out on due to your recovery. Personal injury lawyers can help you determine what damages you can seek in your personal injury case and work with insurance companies to get you a settlement that is worthy of your accident claims. The following damages can occur in your SC personal injury case:

Medical expenses

You have a right to have your medical treatment paid for by the defendant in your personal injury case. The medical care you receive for your injuries is part of your settlement award as well as any future care you would need to treat your injuries. Your personal injury lawyer can provide a calculation of the medical expenses you will incur for your injuries now and into the future.

Lost wages

Missing time from work because of your personal injuries is not your fault, and you need compensation for your lost wages. Your personal injury settlement award needs to take into account the lost earnings you have missed out on due to your injuries and provide you fair compensation to cover these losses. A Greenville personal injury lawyer can determine what your lost wage settlement is and make sure you receive this money as part of your award settlement in your personal injury case.

Pain and suffering

When you suffered emotionally and mentally because of your injuries and the accident that occurred, you need payment for your pain and suffering. Personal injury attorneys can seek pain and suffering damages in your injury case.

Loss of enjoyment

If your injuries are making you unable to enjoy your favorite activities in your life, you have a right to seek loss of enjoyment as part of your settlement award. These activities can be personal hobbies you enjoyed or activities and events you can no longer partake in with friends and family. Greenville personal injury lawyers can place a value on your loss of enjoyment. In turn, they seek these damages in your personal injury case.

Loss of consortium

When you lose the companionship of your loved one due to death or a change in their physical or mental state due to personal injury, you have a right to sue for loss of consortium damages. This can occur with a spouse or family member that has injuries that are affecting your relationship. Working with a personal injury attorney in Greenville can help determine if you can seek loss of consortium damages.

Punitive damages

While Greenville has a cap on punitive damages of $500,000, you can seek these damages in your personal injury case. Punitive damages are designed to provide more financial punishment to the defendant in your case. They work as a deterrent to others that participate in similar behavior and can help you financially move forward with your life after a personal injury accident. A Greenville personal injury lawyer advises you on whether receiving punitive damages could be possible in your personal injury case.

Greenville Personal Injury Deadlines

Filing a personal injury lawsuit needs to occur quickly. There is a statute of limitations that dictate when personal injury lawsuits need to be filed. While your South Carolina personal injury lawyer will work to negotiate your award settlement for your injuries out of court, there is a possibility that you will fare better if your case goes to court. In these instances, it is necessary to file your personal injury lawsuit within three years from the date of the accident that caused your personal injury.

It’s imperative that you seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to help you with your injury case. The sooner the better. Time is needed to try and negotiate with insurance companies and file your suit in court, if necessary.If injured in an accident that was the fault of another, speak to a Greenville personal injury lawyer.The sooner your attorney can determine if you have a personal injury case, the sooner they can get you a settlement.


Failing to file a lawsuit within the three-year statute of limitations causes the dismissal of your case by the defendant. The judge will not hear your case regardless of how severe or extensive your injuries are or how liable the other party is in your personal injury case. This deadline needs adhering to and talking to a Greenville personal injury immediately after a negligent accident will ensure your lawsuit is filed in accordance with the statute of limitations.

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Determining Fault in a Greenville Personal Injury Case

It is important to establish fault in a personal injury case as Greenville.  South Carolina uses a comparative law to determine settlement awards. With the comparative law, percentages of fault are calculated for both the plaintiff and defendant. When it is determined you have a percentage of fault in a personal injury case, it can affect your settlement award.

The percentage of fault that you are responsible for in a personal injury accident reduces your total settlement award. For this reason, your South Carolina personal injury attorney needs to establish the highest percentage of fault with the defendant. Your Greenville personal injury lawyer has the burden of proving negligence in a personal injury case.  The Attorney needs to provide supporting evidence for your injuries in the accident. This can often occur with photographic evidence or witness testimony.

Witnesses can be vital in a personal injury case. They can support your account of the accident and provide details into the events that surrounded your injuries. Sometimes professional witnesses in the medical field are called in to testify. Testimony outlines the extent of your injuries and their causes in your personal injury case.

When fault established in a personal injury case does not occur, it can cause you to forfeit your settlement award. If determined that you are 50 percent at fault in an injury case, no award settlement occurs in your suit. By working with a personal injury lawyer, you increase your chances of receiving a fair settlement.  Most critical is establishing the fault of the defendant in the suit.


Your personal injury lawyer will begin investigating and building your case immediately after speaking with you. They will work to establish the burden of negligence and ensure you are properly awarded for your injuries. They can negotiate with insurance companies to get you a fair settlement. Most important is taking the hassle out of settling for compensation that does not compensate you for your injuries.

If your case goes to court, your personal injury lawyer represents you every step of the way. They advise you on the legal process and help you understand your legal rights for personal injury under the law. Working with a Greenville personal injury lawyer is essential to your case.  This provides you with the settlement you need to move forward after an accident.

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney in Greenville SC

When injured because of the negligence of another, you need a Greenville injury lawyer to help you with your case. You can count on the personal injury attorneys at Brumback & Langley, LLC. We will fight for your right to justice in your personal injury case. We make sure you get the settlement award you deserve for your injuries. Contact us today by calling (864)-326-0424 to set up a consultation.