Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer in Greenville


As a pharmacist, it is your duty to provide medications to patients who need them in a safe and professional environment. It was part of your training and licensing to uphold a certain standard of care. If you fail to do this, then you may need to deal with a claim to the Board of Pharmacy and will have to undergo an investigation.


It is important to realize that it is up to the Board of Pharmacy to protect patients and the consumer. They have found pharmacists who have not done their jobs properly and who have put individuals and others at risk for their practices. However, for those who are upholding the proper standards of care and performing their jobs properly, dealing with an investigation from the Board of Pharmacy can be a nightmare.


If you are dealing with one of these investigations, one of the best things that you can do is find a pharmacist license defense lawyer in Greenville to be on your side. As soon as you receive notice about the investigation, seek legal counsel from your defense attorney as soon as possible. They will be able to walk you through the process and help you get a favorable outcome, hopefully, while you still get to keep your license.


What claims can start an investigation?

There are a number of different conditions that are considered common grounds for disciplinary actions (including revoking your license). Most cases will need to include at least one, if not more, of the following conditions:


  • The pharmacist acted in an unprofessional way.
  • Abuse of prescription drugs or alcohol by the pharmacist.
  • The pharmacist used illegal drugs
  • Gross immorality
  • Gross negligence or incompetence by the pharmacist.
  • If the pharmacist was charged and convicted of a crime that was substantially related to their practice as a pharmacist.
  • When a pharmacy or a pharmacist will falsify their records.
  • Drug-related transgressions of any kind by the pharmacy or pharmacist.
  • Unauthorized use or disclosure of the patient information by anyone who holds that information.
  • Aiding and abetting
  • Obtaining their professional license by mistake, misrepresentation, or fraud. Knowingly selling, furnishing, or giving away drugs to someone who is an addict.


As a professional pharmacist, it is your responsibility to act with ethical behavior at any time. If you fail to do this and someone files a claim against you or the business you work for, it could mean an investigation by the Board of Pharmacy. Having a good pharmacist license defense lawyer in Greenville can help you once the board investigation gets started.


What options do the Board of Pharmacy have in these cases

When the Board of Pharmacy has received a complaint, either against a pharmacy as a whole or an individual pharmacist, they will take the time to review this complaint before analyzing and processing it. Some complaints will get closed automatically if the board decides that the complaint falls outside its jurisdiction. The complaint may also be closed because they are not going to be grounds for disciplinary action. For example, if someone writes a complaint because he or she don’t like you and it sounds like a personality conflict, the board will not pursue a claim.


If the board receive a claim and closes it, it is unlikely that you will even hear about it. However, if the board reviews a claim and determines that the allegations are valid, there are a few steps that the board can decide to go with. The options that the board can go with include:


  • The board can close the complaint because it doesn’t have merit to it.
  • The board will close the complaint even if there is some merit to it. This could be if they feel that it is not worth their time to investigate or that they don’t have enough resources to do it for such a small complaint.
  • The board can refer the matter to the Attorney General’s Office for prosecution. This will usually happen after an investigation, and a good pharmacist license defense lawyer in Greenville can help prevent it from getting this far. If it goes to this office, you would be denied a license if you are seeking one or you will get your license revoked or suspended. If you get a probationary license afterward, there are often a lot of terms and conditions added to it. Your defense lawyer can help to prevent it from getting this far or can limit how bad the conditions are for you.
  • You can employ a pharmacist license defense lawyer in Greenville to present a compelling defense to the board so that the action taken is minimized or erased.
  • The board decides to handle this matter on their own and will issue a citation, a fine, a private reprimand or something else based on the situation. Your defense lawyer can help you with this as well.


Before you talk with the board about your case, or anyone else, and before the investigation gets too far underway, make sure that you obtain legal advice from a pharmacist license defense lawyer in Greenville. They can discuss the case with you and will be there when you talk to the board when looking for witnesses, and other steps along the way to prevent the situation from getting worse and to help you keep your license.


When do I need a pharmacist license defense lawyer in Greenville?

Any time that you receive notice that there is a claim against you and the Board of Pharmacy is going to conduct an investigation, it is time to consider hiring a pharmacist license defense lawyer in Greenville. Many pharmacists believe that they can handle the investigation on their own, without realizing how much time and money these can take. And during the investigation, anything that you say may be used in the case and can make the situation worse.


With a pharmacist license defense lawyer in Greenville, you are able to let them speak for and represent you along the way. Any time that you talk to an investigator from the board, your lawyer can be there to help speak for you and make sure that you don’t say something that would worsen the situation. Before releasing information and documents to the board, your lawyer can discuss this with you and what options you have based on the law.


Your defense lawyer is there to help you get through this investigation with as little damage as possible. They have gone through this process in the past before and understand the laws and other aspects that could ensure that you get to keep your license. You are already busy with your own practice and worried about the outcome, why not let a defense lawyer come in, someone with knowledge about how this works, to ensure that you get to keep your license.


If you are dealing with a medical malpractice lawsuit and would like to find a good pharmacist license defense lawyer in Greenville, make sure to contact us at Brumback and Langley. Our professionals can be with you through every step of the process to ensure that you get the best results possible. Contact us today to get started.