Professional License Defense Lawyer in Greenville

You worked hard to gain your professional license. You spent time in school, passed tests, and strive to provide good customer service to your clients each time that you see them. Despite this hard work, sometimes some things will go wrong, and you will be in the middle of a professional license review while still trying to maintain your business and the standard of care that your other clients need.

The state license review board has the power to take away your professional license if they feel that the claims against you are accurate and you have not maintained a proper standard of care through negligence. Getting your license back can be almost impossible, making it difficult for you to work in your chosen field or be respected in the industry again. Even if you are able to get your license back at some point, you run the risk of a ruined reputation that is hard to fix on your own. A professional license defense lawyer in Greenville can help you fight the claim so that none of this happens to you.


Many professionals try to navigate the world of these reviews on their own. However, you are already so busy with your practice, and often you may not understand the legal aspects that come with these reviews. Hiring a professional license defense lawyer in Greenville can make the difference in whether you get to keep your license or not, and how long the review takes.


What do I need to know about professional license reviews?

The first thing to realize is that your likelihood of being investigated by your state licensing board is pretty small unless you have done something majorly against the standard of care in your field. Many of the complaints that are brought to the board are never even investigated because the board will often decide that the complaint has no merit at all and they do not want to waste resources investigating it. However, being investigated is much higher than the likelihood of being sued.


The duty of the board is not to be on your side. They are there to protect the public against professionals who are negligent and could be causing harm. When a doctor has done something wrong, these boards can help to protect the public and keep them safe. When you haven’t done anything wrong, working with these boards can be hard and time-consuming. Hiring a professional license defense lawyer in Greenville can help you navigate your review and ensure that you can get back to your practice, with your license intact, as quickly as possible.


Always remember that while members of the board may be friendly and may offer advice to help, they are not on your side with this. They come into the investigation knowing nothing about you other than what one of your clients alleges. Working with a professional license defense lawyer in Greenville can keep you safe by working with the board on your behalf, so you do not accidentally incriminate yourself.


How can I avoid being investigated?

There are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you are safe, long before you are investigated. Most doctors are surprised when a claim is brought against them, so being prepared ahead of time can help to protect yourself and keep your professional license at the same time.


First, always make sure that your malpractice insurance is up to date and that it does have coverage for any board investigations that you have. Without this coverage,  you may have to pay out of pocket for all the expenses that come with a board review. Depending on how long the review is, this can get pretty expensive. Several companies will offer this coverage, which can help you to respond more effectively to a board investigation while not spending all your own money.


Another thing that you can do to avoid problems is to make sure that you consult with other s when encountering a difficult case. Even with years of experience in the field, there will be cases when you are not sure about the proper way to proceed. You can reduce a ton of the damage and reduce your risk if you spend time consulting with s in your field before you learn about an investigation of the board.


There are many times when you can consult with s about a patient, as long as you do not use the patient’s name and specific identifying information. You could consult about the treatment plan for the patient, about your record keeping, and pretty much any other ethical and clinical issues. Any time you feel uncertain about a case, consult with another in your field for help.


While this takes a bit more time to complete, it is going to help save you when an investigation is brought up. If a patient brings a claim up against you with the board, and the board decides to investigate, your professional license defense lawyer in Greenville will be able to show the board that you consulted with others and gained their opinion before you proceeded with that patient. What this does is show the board that you researched and took your time before prescribing and using a treatment, and takes away the claim of you being negligent in your practice.


And finally, you must make sure that you keep good records in your office. This will include much information from the treatment plans and any decisions that you make in complicated situations in the office. In the beginning stages of the investigation, it is not going to be your word against the patient; it is going to be your records against your patient’s word. The better records that you have, the better case you have on your own.


Consider hiring a professional license defense lawyer in Greenville

If you have been hit with a professional licensing board review, it is important to not go through it all alone. There are a lot of legal aspects that can be considered in these reviews and will make a difference in whether you get to keep your license or not. A professional license defense lawyer in Greenville can help do the work for you. It is their job to take a look at your case, decide which witnesses to work with, look through your records, and talk with the review board to determine what happened and work to ensure you get to keep your license.


Attempting to go through the review on your own can cost a lot of money and time, and you have more important things to concentrate on, like your patients. Many times professionals will end up with high fines or a loss of license simply because they do not know how to navigate properly through the review. A professional license defense lawyer in Greenville can reduce that risk and keep you safe.


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