Do I Need to Hire a Product Liability Attorney in Greenville, SC?

We live in a consumer society and consumer products affect nearly every aspect of our lives every day. In our homes, offices, vehicles, and during our leisure times, we use consumer goods almost constantly, providing very little thought to the potential dangers they could pose. In reality, however, products which are defective often result in serious injury, or even death, for thousands of people every year in the US. The companies responsible for designing, manufacturing, and selling these products have an obligation to the consumer to ensure their products are safe and warn about any potential dangers. If they should fail to do this, and injury results from a defective product, that victim can work with a product liability lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina to seek compensation from the companies responsible.

How Does a Product Liability Lawsuit in Greenville SC Work?

Today, most companies are careful to ensure that their products meet stringent safety requirements before they are put onto the market. Unfortunately, some companies place profits before the safety of consumers, rushing products to market without sufficiently testing them. While often smaller and less reputable companies are guilty of this, even well-known companies with strong reputations may rush a dangerous product to market, as can be seen in the relatively recent cases involving Samsung mobile phones catching fire.

In addition to innocuous products like cell phones which become dangerous unexpectedly, some products are inherently dangerous, such as power tools or curling irons. If a manufacturer fails to sufficiently warn the consumer about the dangers posed by these products or does not provide adequate instructions for safe usage, the item may be considered defective, and you could have a strong product liability case in Greenville, SC.

Product Liability Lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina
If you have been hurt by a defective product, Brumback & Langley can help you file a product liability lawsuit.

There are three major types of product liability lawsuits in South Carolina:

  • Defective Design. This is a product that should not be dangerous, but it is rendered unsafe due to a flawed design (as opposed to a problem in the manufacturing process)
  • Manufacturing Defect. As above, this is a product that should not be dangerous and is sufficiently designed to be safe, but some flaw during the process of construction caused the product to be dangerous.
  • Failure to Warn. This problem arises in a product that has inherent dangers, like a power tool but fails to have adequate warnings or instructions

How Can a Product Liability Attorney in Greenville SC Help Me?

Anytime a consumer is injured due to an issue of product safety resulting from one of the defects listed above, the law in South Carolina allows that victim to sue for damages. This product liability lawsuit in Greenville South Carolina may be brought against the product’s manufacturer, distributor, or even the retailer that sold the product.

Any lawsuit while working with a product liability lawyer in Greenville, SC, it is key to establish that the flaw in the product was the direct source of the injury in question. It is also extremely important to keep the product, if at all possible, in the same condition as when the incident occurred. testimony is frequently used to explain in detail how the product could have, and should have, been made safer. The product liability attorneys at Brumback & Langley can assist you in obtaining an analysis of this type.

Who Can Be Found Liable in a Product Liability Lawsuit in Greenville, SC?

In a product liability case in South Carolina, your first instinct may be to blame the product’s maker. While the manufacturer certainly can be found liable for a defective product, there are other entities which may bear some of the liability as well. The process of identifying these liable parties is a complex one, and an experienced product liability lawyer in Greenville, SC can help you to ensure that any and all liable parties are identified and held accountable for your injuries, maximizing the compensation that you can recover. Your Greenville, SC product liability attorney will take the time to gather all the essential evidence relating to your case, ensuring that your claim is filed against all individuals and organizations who are potentially liable.

Seek Legal Counsel from a Greenville Product Liability Lawyer

In product liability cases, the best way to ensure the most positive outcome for your claim is to carefully identify all parties involved in the manufacture, distribution, marketing, and sale of the product that caused your injury, and present compelling evidence against each. If you have been injured by a defective product in Greenville, South Carolina, contact a product liability attorney today at Brumback & Langley and let us help you recover the compensation you deserve.