Right-Turn Auto Accident in South Carolina: Determining Fault

When making a turn, the driver must assess the speed of incoming vehicles to ensure their safety. Many traffic accidents happen when cars turn left or right. When you enter traffic in the wrong direction, especially when the driver ahead is accelerating, a dangerous auto accident in South Carolina might happen.

Understanding how to assess mishaps, such as with these types of accidents, can be challenging because often a wide range of factors play a role. Read on to find out how to evaluate these types of accidents, along with cases when you are partly at fault.

The death rate in South Carolina in 2018 was 1.73 people per hundred million vehicle miles traveled, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

SOuth Carolina Laws Applicable to Right-Turn Incidents

In general, oncoming traffic has the right of way, so you should allow yourself enough time to navigate the street without causing an accident. In many cases, drivers do not ensure the safety of their surroundings and take an abrupt right, which is extremely dangerous.

Accidents that occur when drivers attempt to turn right at a red light are common. However, drivers only have the option of doing this if there is no sign prohibiting right turns.

If you are at a controlled intersection with traffic signals and turn right, you must yield to the driver on your right when you both arrive at the intersection at the same time.

Furthermore, you should use the indicator within the last 100 feet before a turn. This will help the person right behind you and will get the alert. If you do not use your turn signal, you may end up in another lane.

Practices for Taking a Right Turn:

A good driver is a driver who does not rely on the fact that the other drivers on the road will act in a prudent way. Such drivers always drive in a defensive way.

When making a potentially dangerous traffic maneuver, such as turning, defensive driving is crucial. If you are not sure you will have enough time to turn before an approaching car, you should probably wait to let it pass until you’re certain it will clear. When you turn, do not expect the driver of the approaching vehicle to slow down when they see the car in front of them accelerating.

If you do not give yourself enough time to check, you risk opting out too early. Ensure that you are stopped completely before turning. You should not assume that you can just slow down and watch quickly.

When Is an OnComing Driver Held Responsible for an Auto Accident in South Carolina?

A driver who speeds up during a lane change may be held accountable. Even if you pull away and turn earlier than expected, the oncoming driver may be partially accountable.

A driver will also be held responsible if they change lanes when crossing at an intersection. It is against the law to change lanes between cars crossing an intersection. An oncoming driver may have been at fault if they changed lanes and collided with you while you turned right. This is especially true if the lane you were in was clear before the oncoming driver changed lanes.

What Happens If You Are Partially At Fault?

You cannot receive compensation for your injuries or damage to your vehicle if you are more negligent than the other driver. Subsequently, you are entitled to compensation if the other driver is at least 50% responsible for the accident. Regardless of the severity of your injuries, any injury victim who holds 51% or more of the culpability will be barred from obtaining damages compensation.

While you may have been partially at fault for the auto accident in South Carolina, you ought to consult with a lawyer. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses and will do anything to protect their profits. You can post your memories of the incident and speak with a lawyer before talking with the insurance company if the company calls you after a right-turn accident.

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