Car Accident in South Carolina: When The At Fault Driver Lies

Have you ever been in a car accident in South Carolina? You must know that such cases are complicated when the jury has to decide between the innocent and the at-fault driver. There are not just vivid pieces of evidence for consideration; in fact, the court takes time to evaluate every aspect of the case to ensure that the decision is justified.

Things can get tangled when the series of events and the reality contradict. Such situations make the investigation prolonged and difficult for both sides. There are several cases where at-fault drivers are found to be liars. They can lie about different things like they were influenced by heavy consumption of alcohol, drugs, or medication.

According to the South Carolina traffic fatality report of 2020 used by the NBC News 2 website, the rate of death has increased. Surprisingly, the report portrays the fact that the ratio of deaths in the last five years has increased and 2020 is the year having the highest percentage of fatalities due to car accidents in South Carolina.

These facts show that the number of people claiming and defending such cases about a car accident in South Carolina is also high. There can be many reasons behind this increase because people are reckless and mostly they are careless about driving ethics. Let’s dig into the topic of how you can protect yourself from an at-fault driver who is lying about the accident against you or anyone that you know.

Lies the At-Fault Driver Can Make:

We all know how to escape unfavorable situations. Sometimes we take support of the lies that actually never exist and sometimes we mold the reality in our favor. The same goes for the at-fault driver and their lies. Some of the common and mostly used lies are;

  • They might say that they were under influence of heavy medication, drugs, or even they were heavily drunk.
  • They might use the insurance company to prove themselves innocent by saying such lies.
  • They might portray that this vehicle was unfit for the drive. In this case, they will have to pay a penalty and then they can get away with the case; the loss will be less.
  • They might claim that the opponent was not in their senses or was drunk.
  • They might claim that the innocent one is lying and their vehicle was not fit.
  • They might claim that someone was following them closely which made them over speed.
  • They can also claim that the opponent was texting while driving and was not paying attention to the road which can be proved wrong after close investigation.
  • They can also say that they were being distracted by some road event.

How Can You Protect Yourself with the Help of a South Carolina Car Accident Attorney?

You can do the following things to avoid being a victim of at-fault driver’s lies;

Do Not Panic or Confront The Driver:

Do not lose control over something which is not directly said by you. Lies and false statements can go in your favor as well if you deal with them sensibly. Simply act normal, just talk to the police department and the investigator for your case instead of confronting an at-fault driver.

They might claim that you attacked or belittled them and your confrontation can go against you, so choose wisely between self-destruction and witty handling of your case.

Work with Evidence:

You know that the opponent is lying, you know what exactly happened at the time of the accident, you know that it was his fault and they are just making up stories to defend. You need to grab maximum pieces of evidence; court, officers, and even investigators will believe solid pieces of evidence.

This is the only way you can make them believe that you are right and the at-fault driver is lying. You can take help from camera records, police department’s records, the opponent’s previous driving records, and other sources. Even the victims and eyewitnesses are golden birds for you in this case.

CALL A Car Accident Attorney in South Carolina

You need to contact a professional attorney for your case. This situation is very complicated and can make you feel tangled up in legal documentation and regulations. A professional attorney is the only way that you can successfully get through these cases. Reach out to us now to get yourself a car accident lawyer in South Carolina.