Common Types of White Collar Crime in Greenville, South Carolina

A white collar crime is defined as a non-violent illegal act that is committed through the use of deceptive practices. Usually, white collar crime is committed for the purpose of ensuring one’s financial gain.

Many different activities could qualify as a white collar crime in Greenville, SC. Anyone who is concerned about something that they have done in the past should consider talking to a white collar crime lawyer in Greenville. While this type of crime may be difficult to prosecute in South Carolina and the rest of the US, that does not mean that there will not be repercussions should you be charged.

What Do White Collar Crime Lawyers in Greenville Typically Defend?

South Carolina white collar crime lawyers see numerous cases that involve at least one of the following activities: embezzlement, securities fraud, money laundering and fraud involving corporate funds. These are the most typical examples of white collar crime, but they are not the only ones.

Financial fraud can be committed by just about everyone, but most often, it involves individuals that have access to significant resources. These individuals could be company owners, CFOs, executives and fund managers.

This type of crime can also be committed on an institutional level. Banks and other financial institutions that use client funds unlawfully will be committing such crime, and they could be pursued in court.

Common Examples of White Collar Crime in Greenville, South Carolina

The definition of white collar crime is pretty much the same throughout the US. In Greenville and the rest of South Carolina, white collar crime can be committed both by individuals and by institutions.

White Collar Crime Attorney in Greenville, South Carolina
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Fraud is the broadest white collar crime category. It is committed whenever facts are misrepresented for the purpose of illicit financial gains. A perpetrator commits fraud whenever they knowingly make a false statement and the victim who believes in the statement experiences financial losses.

Setting up a website for the purpose of collecting financial information (for example, a website that offers extreme discounts but that does not really sell anything) is considered a type of computer fraud and white collar crime.

Insider trading is yet another example of a white collar crime that attorneys in Greenville commonly deal with. It is a crime in which inside company information (knowledge that is not generally available to everyone) is used for the purpose of financial gains. Insider trading is not always considered a crime, and it may be more difficult to prosecute than fraud.

Forgery and bribery are two other broad categories that white collar crime lawyers deal with. Forgery involves the making or the possession of falsified documents that are used to defraud recipients. Passing forged checks is a typical example of white collar crime.

When a person offers something valuable to influence somebody else and get a favorable outcome, this is considered bribery. It is seen all the time and it is not always a person in power attempting to bribe someone else. Often, people offer individuals with authority money for the purpose of completing an administrative process faster. Both offering and receiving bribes are classified as white collar crimes.

Institutional White Collar Crimes in Greenville, SC

Institutional-level white collar crime usually happens on a much larger scale than fraud and bribery committed by an individual. These schemes unfold over a longer period of time or they could contribute to a big number of victims relatively fast.

An example of institutional level white collar crime is a scandal from 2014 that involved Credit Suisse. The institution pleaded guilty of helping a large number of Americans avoid taxes by hiding information about their income from the IRS. As a result of the charge and the admission, Credit Suisse had to pay penalties worth 2.5 billion dollars.

When such a crime is committed, both state and federal agencies will work on identifying the scheme. Depending on the specifics and the scope of the crime, it could be pursued either in state or in federal court.

If the federal government gets involved, significant resources will be allocated to the investigation. As a result, defendants find it very difficult to stand against the legal system and establish their innocence. Digital evidence and other types of data will be collected through a thorough forensic investigation. This type of investigation will typically take a long time for the purpose of building a solid case against the defendant.

Consult with a Greenville Attorney About White Collar Crime Cases

White collar crime is a highly legal area, which is why partnering up with an experienced attorney in the field matters. A white collar crime lawyer in Greenville will be aware of local provisions, as well as the federal regulations used to pursue suspects in such cases.

Anyone who is being investigated for a crime should get in touch with a lawyer immediately. Professionals like the Brumback & Langley team can come up with a fact-based defense strategy that will yield the best possible results. Contact Brumback & Langley today by giving us a call at (864) 326-0424.