You May Have a Personal Injury Claim if You Get Hurt at a Holiday Party this Season in Greenville, South Carolina

Everybody likes to have fun around the holidays. You probably have work parties to go to. You may even host a few holiday themed parties yourself. When you go to these events, you have to be careful. Otherwise, you may end up needing to file a personal injury claim.

With so many people around, there’s a good chance that someone is going to get hurt. With all of the holiday decorations around, you could fall or trip and get hurt. Or, you may have something fall on your head. These things may sound silly but you can still get seriously injured.

If this happens to you or your loved one, you’re going to need an experienced personal injury lawyer. Call and talk to one right away. This way, you can focus on recovering from your injuries. Your lawyer will deal with the insurance company on your behalf. They’ll make sure your claim is handled properly from the start. And, if your claim is denied, they’ll try to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

You Will Only Get Damages if You Can Prove the Defendant Was Negligent

For the most part, if you get hurt at someone’s holiday event, you’ll be entitled to damages. But to do this, your Greenville personal injury will have to prove negligence. Most personal injury claims are based on negligence. Your lawyer will have to demonstrate the following four (4) things:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care – This isn’t difficult. The owner and managers of the mall owe their shoppers a duty of care. This duty includes the duty to keep you safe and secure.
  • They breached this duty – If you can show that a dangerous condition existed in the store, you will have shown brief.
  • You were injured – You have to actually be injured in order to file a legal claim. Your attorney can only recover for injuries you actually experienced.
  • The breach caused your injuries – This shouldn’t be difficult to prove either. Your Greenville lawyer will show that your injuries were directly caused by the defendant’s breach.

You can only get compensated for injuries you actually suffered. This is why it’s important you go to the hospital, even if you think your injuries are minor.

You May Be Entitled to Personal Injury Damages

Everyone wants to have a good time when the holidays roll around. But if you go to a holiday party and get hurt, you may have a personal injury claim for damages. Your Greenville personal injury attorney will work hard to get you as much compensation as possible.

You may be entitled to the following types of damages:

•    Medical bills – The defendant will be responsible for any medical bills you incur. This includes things like hospital bills and physical therapy. It will also include any future medical bills you may experience.

•    Lost Wages – If you’re out of work for weeks or months, you can demand compensation. Your Greenville personal injury attorney will submit proof of how much time you’ve missed. This may include time sheets and payroll records.

•    Pain and Suffering – Given the serious injuries most injury victims face, you may be entitled to pain and suffering.

Your Greenville personal injury lawyer is going to work hard to get you as much compensation as possible. You’ll probably be dealing with the defendant’s insurance company. If the party is at someone’s house, you’ll have to file a claim against their homeowner’s policy. If, on the other hand, the party takes place at a commercial venue, you’ll have to file a claim against their general liability insurance policy.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina

If you go to a holiday function this season and get hurt, it can put a real damper on your holiday. Don’t let that happen. Get the medical attention you need and then call our office. You can take a few moments to talk to someone who’s handled cases just like yours. They know who to file your personal injury claim against. They also have an idea of what you may be entitled to.

Personal injury lawyers see things like this more than you may think. Accidents happen. But when they do, you need someone on your side who has your best interests at heart. Call today and talk to our office. We can schedule a time that works for you, so you can visit with a skilled injury attorney in Greenville.