Two Chester Men Killed in Crash Near Railroad Tracks on York Road

Sometimes, the worst accidents are the ones that involve just one car. You would think that multi-vehicle crashes would be worse, however, when it’s just one car involved, there’s really nobody there to corroborate what happened. There’s also the possibility that another vehicle was involved but left the scene of the accident.

Authorities are not quite sure what happened Tuesday in Chester. They do know that two men were in a car traveling near the railroad tracks on York Road in Chester, South Carolina. The car overturned and ended up landing upside down. While the car was flipping, both the driver and his passenger were ejected from the car.

The two men in the car were both from Chester. One was 46-year old Antonio Worthy. His passenger, Jamal Perkins, was a 40-year old man, also from Chester. When rescue crews arrived on the scene, they found that Perkins had already died. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The other man, Jamal Perkins was taken to the hospital but died shortly thereafter. The investigation is still ongoing. The authorities haven’t mentioned whether or not drugs or alcohol were a factor, nor have they said whether the driver was speeding when he lost control of his vehicle.

In single-car accidents, the police have to piece together the accident scene in order to find out what happened. There were no witnesses to the crash and Perkins was not able to communicate on the way to the hospital. 

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