Why Do Rollover Crashes in Greenville Happen?

A rollover car accident is quite a rare sight, yet is the most catastrophic among car accidents in Greenville, SC. Permanent damages may be caused to the individuals who survive rollover accidents. Some comparatively minor injuries can lead to months or even years of rehabilitation posing life-threatening scenarios.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, within the category of passenger cars, deaths related to truck-related accidents increased by 35 percent, whereas passenger car occupant rollover deaths dropped by 15 percent.  Particularly in the case of rollover crashes, the growing popularity of light truck fatalities is replacing passenger deaths. This factor makes them the most lethal things to happen on America’s roads today.

Common Causes of Rollover Car Accidents in South Carolina:

Many factors can contribute to a rollover accident including:

  • Speed: Statistics suggest that 40% of the deadly rollover accidents are because of high speeding.
  • Road Conditions: Rural and underdeveloped roads are where such incidents mostly take place. Bad weather conditions and damaged roads can lead the drivers to flip and lose control of the vehicle.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is the reason for more than half of the total rollover accidents. Even drivers with blood alcohol concentrations below the legal limit may still suffer blurred vision or clouded judgment. This may lead to a rollover accident.
  • Over-Correction: Swiftly steering away from the subject is naturally the first human instinct. Turning the steering wheel at the wrong angle and velocity may cause the car to trip and roll over. Fatigued and distracted drivers are more susceptible to these accidents.
  • Poor Road Maintenance: In cases where road accidents are caused by poor road conditions and inadequate maintenance, contractors along with government officials should be held accountable. Time is of the essence in these cases and it is advised to immediately consult an attorney.
  • Tire or Vehicle Flaws: Any car is susceptible to being rolled over. Due to their high center of gravity, SUVs are more likely to flip as compared to Sedans. You may have a product liability claim against the producer if the tire or defective part caused the rollover.
  • Cargo: Overburdened vehicles and extra cargo loaded on the roof can also cause accidents.

Since the vast majority are single-car crashes, insurers tend to be suspicious of roll-over accident claims. Only one car crash does not deem the driver to be careless. A thorough investigation may unveil that somebody else is the culprit in your case. This leads to a pathway for you to collect your injury benefits. You may be entitled to recover compensation from the driver’s insurance money if you were a passenger in a single-vehicle crash.

Severe Injuries in South Carolina Roll-Over Accidents:

Every year, a little beyond 10,000 individuals die in roll-over accidents. The vehicle passengers are at risk of an ejection, but also other deadly wounds such as:

  • Broken Bones: Your bones can break due to a hard collision of a series of impacts. This may require intensive medical care or even surgery.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury: A brain injury can be very serious or even permanent when the car’s roof breaks down upon you. Serious medical attention is needed when this happens.
  • Cuts: Shattered glass or contact with the side-walk may lead to cuts on the skin and lasting disfigurement.
  • Spinal Cord Injury: Paralysis can be caused if a survivor breaks their vertebrae or neck while surviving the accident.
  • Internal Organ Damage: Crushed lungs, broken ribs, internal bleeding, and abdominal bleeding can be deadly if not detected immediately.

What Services Can a Skilled Greenville Car Accident Lawyer Provide You?

A skilled attorney will examine your case carefully and discuss your legal options with you. Following are the facilities they can assist you out with:

  • Explain the no-fee payment arrangement: All the upfront costs will be borne by the law office and will charge you only upon winning the case.
  • Perform a Detailed Investigation: It is likely that even if the odds are not in your favor, you may still be blamed to be the culprit responsible for the wreckage. This occurs when the insurers are greedy and try to avoid a payout.
  • Gather Supporting Evidence: Winning cases usually have a lot of proof and documentation leading them to their success.
  • Identify all Possible Defendants: Establishing who is at fault depends on the dynamics of the case. Potential defendants can be the local or federal government, property owners, contractors, and car manufacturers.

About Our Greenville Auto Accident Lawyers:

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