Car Accidents in Greenville Involving Teen Drivers

Car accidents in Greenville are increasing with each passing day. The worst part is that a lot of teen drivers are involved in these crashes. Most of the time, these accidents result in deaths or major injuries. Some people end up with several fractures that take weeks to heal. Upon that, the mental trauma is unexplainable. It’s not easy to forget the horrific memories of an accident.

Individuals involved in such unwanted incidents have to pay a heavy price for it. Along with physical and mental health, their bank balance is also affected badly. After all, it’s not easy to afford good medical care. Teenagers going through the recovery process have to miss out on classes and get depressed due to their condition. Anyone involved in a crash has to face a tough time for a long duration.

According to statistics, motor vehicle crashes are the leading reason behind deaths in the United States. In 2019, around 2400 teens were killed in car accidents. Hundreds ended up in the ICU. The more sad part is that every year thousands of people are injured in multiple kinds of crashes. Amongst the teen drivers involved in such hideous crashes, most are in the age group of 16 to 19.

Therefore, if your teenage relative was involved in a car accident, then you need to have information about the legal procedures following the event. If another teenager was the reason behind the incident, then they need to pay for your damages.

Procedures Related to Car Accidents in South Carolina Involving a Teen Driver:

If you or your family members were hurt in a car accident in South Carolina, then you need to file a complaint. Once you file a case, the relevant investigation will start. The first step would be to examine the accident site. People involved or those who witnessed the accident will be questioned to see who is at fault. A few more things are also done, such as:

  • Collecting Forensic Evidence:

Things like debris from cars, damages to property, and skid marks are part of forensic evidence.

  • Examining the Vehicles:

Experts thoroughly examine all the cars and record the damage done to them. Whether the drivers are teenagers or adults, their cars and items within them are inspected. It helps to collect any remaining evidence.

  • Checking the Video of the Incident:

Checking security tapes around the accident site helps figure out the person at fault. Any kind of video evidence comes in handy when such incidents take place.

  • Checking Cell Phone Records and Vehicles’ Black Box:

Modern smart cars have black boxes. These can store data regarding the speed and braking of a vehicle before the accident. Moreover, cell phones are checked to make sure that a teen driver wasn’t busy talking on the phone. If that’s true, then it becomes a case of distracted driving.

  • Any Previous Charges of Violation Against the Teen:

Previous records of a teen driver are checked to ensure whether they were involved in similar incidents in the past or not. If they were charged with speeding or texting while driving, then the case for the other side strengthens.

Seeking Additional Compensation with the Help of Greenville Car Accident Lawyers:

Whether a teen caused you harm or someone else, you deserve compensation. If the teen driver has an insurance policy, then it will be used to pay for the damages. However, if they rely on their parents, then they have to cover up for the misdemeanor. Along with teen drivers insurance, sometimes people have to pursue other sources as well, like:

  • Filing a third-party liability claim
  • Filing an Underinsured Motorist claim

Both of these claims are filed by the victim’s side when their losses are not being covered by insurance. Your attorney will guide you about the need for such claims.

How a Greenville Auto Accident Attorney Can Get You Justice:

Brumback & Langley’s Greenville car accident attorneys are here to help you. Since you suffered due to another person’s mistake, you deserve justice. It is mandatory to seek legal help because a lawyer guides you on how to take your case forward. A good lawyer will help you file a claim for the damages caused by a teenage driver or anyone else.

At our firm, you get the best attorneys to help you calculate compensation for all your losses. They will fight for your rights till the end. From attending court sessions to collecting evidence, our team does it all for you. Contact us at our helpline or connect through our webpage.