What Causes Motorcycle Crashes in Greenville?

Motorcycle accidents by default result in more serious injuries than car accidents. The NHTSA reports that motorcycle drivers are more likely to be killed or suffer severe injuries in a vehicle crash, than car drivers. To be exact NHTSA reports that in every 100,000 car accidents 13 end up in a fatal collision. The numbers go up drastically when it comes to motorcycles, having 72 fatal accidents for every 100,000 collisions. Motorcycles are more difficult to control, especially during winter weather conditions. The rate of severe injuries of motorcycle riders is three times higher than the rate of severe injuries of the car drivers. Although helmets can help save lives, helmets cannot effectively protect from head or spine injuries.

There are various factors that can make a person impaired to drive and prone to accidents.

This article describes the most typical reasons that often result in severe vehicle collisions.

In case you or someone you love suffer from a motorcycle accident due to an impaired, irresponsible car driver, you need to seek advice from a South Carolina auto accident attorney, to help you claim the compensation you deserve. You may claim compensation for both economic and non-economic losses when the other driver violated a safety statute or was disrespectful to the duty of care.

Driver Impairment

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration identifies five types of driving impairment that most of the time are responsible for motorcycle accidents.


Drivers could always be distracted by other passengers talking to them, or by turning up the radio. However, in the smartphone era, we live in, distractions are even worse.

Holding a cell phone combines all three types of driving distraction described below. Hands-free cell phones do not provide any safety while driving and speaking on the phone.

Hands-free cell phones may be used by most drivers; however, they still distract the driver visually and cognitively. Furthermore, the driver’s false feeling of security while using a hands-free device may lead him to take more chances while driving.

  • Cognitive Distraction – When your mind is off the road
  • Visual Distraction – When your eyes are off the road
  • Manual Distraction – When your hand is off the wheel

Lawmakers should probably make tougher cell phone laws.


For years the authorities have been campaigning against “drink and drive.” Even so, the number of traffic accidents number resulting from impaired drivers due to alcohol is extremely high.

Operating a vehicle while you are affected by alcohol is dangerous. Alcohol slows the driver’s reactions and impairs judgment. Consequently, the risk of an accident increases. They may take more chances than they should when maneuvering or passing another car.

In the case of violating a safety law, and this violation resulted in the victim’s injuries, negligent drivers could be held responsible for injuries as a matter of law. Even if the at-fault driver is not arrested under DUI law, a civil lawsuit could still be filed.


Fatigue has the same effect as alcohol. It impairs the ability of the driver to react properly. Sleepy drivers cannot be really alert. Sometimes drivers drive for very long hours and trying to keep themselves awake for so many hours can have the same result as if they were drunk.

Drowsiness’ only cure is sleep. Coffee can keep you alert for a few minutes, but fatigue symptoms will return shortly. The same goes with the air conditioner trick. Not effective.


Accidents related to “drugged” drivers, in many states are more than the ones related to “drunk” drivers. However, since there is no breathing testing device for drug use, these cases can only be based on circumstantial evidence. Police officers are not allowed to force people to give samples for any other types of testing (like a blood test). The evidence they collect from the accident scene can include medicine bottles in the car, and any physical symptoms they may observe, like red-eyes.

Substances can vary from illegal street drugs, like heroin, to OTC drugs, to prescription painkillers.

Medical Condition

People suffering from specific chronic conditions, like epilepsy, or heart disease should not be allowed to drive. These medical conditions can lead to unexpected consciousness loss, leading to loss of control accidents. In these extremely dangerous situations, there is no sign of which direction the tortfeasor’s car will take.

Usually, the state suspends the driving licenses of people diagnosed with such medical conditions.

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Car and motorcycle inattention collisions often involve back up and left-turn crashes. The tortfeasors often claim that it was hard to see or hear the motorcycle passing while backing up, however that is hardly an excuse. They should be more cautious.

Concerning the left turn crashes, lack of visibility again is not an excuse for negligence.

Motorcycle-vehicle accidents often result in severe injuries. At Brumback and Langley, our experienced team of car accident attorneys can help you establish liability and increase the amount of damages a court may award. Contact us today for your free consultation.