What Can I Do If a Tire Defect Caused My Car Accident in Greenville, SC?

A tire blowout is a leading cause of car accidents on the road. Even if the driver is being careful if a tire blows out an accident can occur. Another issue is that of a defective tire.  It can be really hard to keep control over the vehicle if a tire blows out. If you’re in an accident because of a tire defect, you may be worried about whether you are at fault.  How will you get the compensation you need for vehicle damages and medical bills? If you were in an accident because of a tire defect, contact a product liability lawyer in Greenville, SC.

What Are Common Causes Of A Defective Tire?

The first thing to realize is there are actually several different things that can go wrong with the tires that will make them a defective tire. Some of these include:

  • Tire tread separation: This will happen when the tire tread starts to peel away from the tire itself. This is going to lead to a blowout. And quite possibly an accident because the tire is weakened by the separation. Often these tread defects are the result of some error in the manufacturing process. They often result in a tire recall.
  • Substandard materials: It is possible that old or poor quality materials are used in the tires. This can cause them to not withstand regular wear and tear. If your tires are made out of old materials, your product liability lawyer in Greenville, SC will be able to help you file a claim against the manufacturer.
  • Aged tires: Tires that are older are more likely to fail.
  • Installation errors: This could include putting on tires that do not match. It is possible that the mechanic who put the tires on your car was negligent and this could cause tire wear and failure.

Who Is Liable For Any Accidents From A Tire Defect?

If you and your product liability lawyer in Greenville, SC are able to prove that it was a defective tire that caused your car accident, there are a number of parties that you can hold liable. The one that you go after will depend on the specific reason that the tires were defective. Some options include:

  • The tire company: Most companies are going to manufacture tires to use on a wide range of vehicles. If the design defect is the cause of a tire failure, then you can hold the manufacturer liable.
  • Automaker: Sometimes, the automaker can hold some of the liability as well. If the reason for the accident comes from a defect in the vehicle and that caused the blowout of a tire, then they can be liable as well.
  • Dealership or a mechanic: If a company or mechanic does not properly test your tires, properly ensure that they are in the vehicle the right way, or puts on tires that are too old, then a failure could result and they could be held liable as well.

How Can A Product Liability Lawyer In Greenville, SC Help Me?

Dealing with a case about a defective tire that caused your car accident, especially if the case is going to result in a tire recall, is not always an easy claim to work on. Many of the tire manufacturers are big companies with teams of lawyers on their side as well, and attempting to do this claim on your own will just end up in frustration and wasted money.

Working with a product liability lawyer in Greenville, SC is the best way to help you file a claim after having a car accident due to a tire defect. They can represent you in court, help you to gather the proper evidence to prove that the accident was caused by the tire, and even help you reach a settlement if needed.

If you have been in a car accident due to a defective tire or a tire that is not yet part of a tire recall, you need to find a product liability lawyer in Greenville, SC. Our team at Brumback and Langley are here to help. We have the experience needed to help you with a product liability case so that you can get the compensation that you need when dealing with a tire defect. Contact us today.