Common Causes of Teenage Driver Car Accidents in South Carolina

Losing someone in a car accident is painful. Losing someone to a car accident when a teen is driving is more difficult. Teenage driver car accidents in South Carolina cause such trauma to the victim’s family and needs swift reprisal by the victim’s family.

South Carolina car accident attorneys like Brumback and Langley can get you the compensation you deserve. We not only fight for your losses. We also sue the perpetrator by filing for damages related to the injury, trauma, grief, medical expenses as well as the emotional strain it causes.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), motor vehicle crashes account for the second-highest deaths amongst teens. The reasons for such car crashes can be diverse, including drunk driving, unsupervised driving, and distracted driving, among others.

Teenage Driver Car Accidents in South Carolina and Their Causes:

As mentioned above, teens are highly prone to car accidents. Here are some of the most common reasons for teenage driver car accidents in South Carolina.

  • Driving Under the Influence:

Drunk driving or driving under the influence is one of the most common causes of accidents involving teens. Drunk driving is a hazard itself; combined with the youth’s inexperience; it becomes a morbid combination. According to the CDC, teen drivers run the risk of fatal car crashes even with blood alcohol content less than the legal limit.

  • Over Speeding:

Young minds and bodies are more prone to performing risky maneuvers. One such act is driving over the speed limit and maintaining a less than optimum headway with the car in front. Such rash driving leads to many car accidents, and according to the CDC, the percentage is quite high even amongst females.

  • Distracted Driving:

In a world of smartphones and technology running rampant, it is easy to get distracted from your main task. According to a CDC survey, 39% of the survey participants texted or emailed while driving in 2019. The number is quite high and doesn’t affect the use of GPS, controlling multimedia, and smartphones’ general use.

  • Lack of Wearing Seat Belts:

Teens can be thought of as naïve or rebellious in some circumstances. Safety is a virtue they usually don’t understand and hence take unnecessary risks. One such risk is not wearing seat belts, which can save many unwanted consequences, although a simple habit.

South Carolina Auto Accident Attorneys at Your Service:

When faced with a car accident that involves a teen, you may think the law is against your side, and the teen can get away from the crime. South Carolina auto accident attorneys are on hand to guide you through these difficult times.

Accidents involving teens are not taken any lightly under the law than the ones involving adults. In fact, there are stringent restrictions on the sale of alcohol to teens. Teens under 21 involved in car accidents while drunk may end up with charges against the alcohol provider.

Moreover, parents who allow their kids to drive their cars may also face charges for letting the teens drive while unsupervised. Also, the blood alcohol limit for teens is just .02, which means just one drink will make teen driving while drunk illegal and punishable in court.

Inexperienced Driving; A Major Cause for Teen Driver Accidents:

One of the most common reasons for accidents involving teens in South Carolina is inexperienced driving. In a study by CDC, it was reported that teens were more susceptible to causing accidents while driving.

The study examined patterns and how teens behave behind the wheel and found some teen drivers to be driving dangerously. While inexperience alone is quite dangerous, teens usually opt for careless behaviors while driving without any regard for personal safety and others.

With this in mind, it is imperative that if you are involved in any car accident with a teen behind the wheel, you should choose a competent attorney to take your case forward.

Greenville Car Accident Lawyers – Brumback and Langley:

When faced with a situation involving teen driver accidents in South Carolina, then pick up the phone and call us for a swift redressal for your injuries. Brumback and Langley pride themselves on providing the best auto accident attorneys in Greenville, SC with a customer-centric approach.

Our sole purpose is to right the wrong that has been committed against you and moves the court for a speedy recovery. We will hold no stone unturned for compensation against damages sustained during the course of your ordeal, including mental and physical trauma.