Handling Stairway Collapse Personal Injury Case in Greenville, SC

In our lives every day, we have minor accidents. Some happen on the road in the form of auto accidents. Other accidents can happen in the home. For example, slipping from the stairs. Accidents at home in some cases can happen due to our own errors or the low maintenance of our home. Fortunately, when it comes to a stairway collapse personal injury case in Greenville, SC, you can always look into hiring an attorney if it was due to a construction fault rather than a personal error.

The injuries that occur from staircase collapses are dangerous for men and women of all ages as well as children. These injuries are not only traumatic for the victims of these accidents but can also be stressful for close relatives, who are caring for you.

For a personal injury in case of a stairway collapse, you can make a claim with the help of a qualified South Carolina personal injury lawyer. You cannot solely blame the property owner for the accident. The insurance company will not believe you without having any proof that the accident was not your fault.

In 2016, there were 39.5 million physician office visits when it came to unintentional injuries.

Steps to Make a Valid Claim with Personal Injury Lawyers in Greenville SC:

Before you file a claim for a personal injury case in Greenville, SC, you need to work on several things, including evidence.

The following things would be needed for filing a claim for your personal injury.

1. Images for evidence:

For anyone, images are the most convincing point when it comes to proving something. The photos and videos of the house where the accident occurred would give a clearer picture of whether it was the victim’s fault or the property owner’s fault. A cracked surface of the stairs can show the reason for its malfunctioning.

2. Testimony:

You may need to provide witnesses of your case. Your witnesses should not have any personal interest in your claim; For the same reason, the insurance company will weigh their statements more compared to what you have told them about the accident.

3. Incident Report Form:

The form is completed by the landlord. This would mention the details of the situation in which the injury may have happened.

4. Admissions Against Interest:

It is a statement made by the property owner to admit their mistake about the infrastructure material, causing an accident at a later stage. This will also show the reasons for their negligence.

5. Medical Records:

To claim your personal injury, your medical reports and records should be transparent. There should be no missing information in your medical bills. Without a proven medical record (post-injury), not a single attorney will be able to help you.

What to do for a Staircase Collapse Personal Injury Case in Greenville, SC?

You should never delay your medical treatment right after the stair accident. These accidents are dangerous and can result in very serious injuries in most cases.

Sometimes, the injuries are physical. Our mental stress and shock take away our focus from the physical pain, and later those injuries may begin to trigger pain. People might be there to help you in getting up, at the accident scene. However, if there is no one, then help yourself as much you can. If you do not have the option of being able to move, call yourself an ambulance.

You need to tell the doctor about the accident details, while they are performing their physical examination. Your story of how the accident happened and the physical injuries you sustained will determine the way forward for their medical notes and your treatment. All these medical records will be consolidated and provided to your personal injury attorney.

If you do not get your medical treatment on time, you will in most situations, have to face complications in your insurance claims.

Why Would You Need a South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney?

Stairway collapse accidents are unfortunately more common than we would like to think. And what’s more unfortunate is that the treatment for the injuries that result from these accidents has a tendency to be quite expensive. If you live in South Carolina, then you need to have a personal injury attorney to claim your insurance.

Usually, the insurance companies do not blame the victim, but also look into the case, first. Moreover, the insurance company of the property owner will try to blame the victim in an effort to minimize costs.

In some cases, where the injuries are minor, you may have an upfront settlement. However, if you are going for a direct settlement with the insurance company, then you need to do a fair calculation. It involves the medical records, expenses, and if you have lost any wage due to injury.

Engaging a personal injury lawyer in South Carolina can prove to be a huge benefit when it comes to making medical claims from an insurance company. If you have been a victim of a premises liability personal injury case, feel free to reach out to us for help.