Social Host Liability in Greenville, SC; What Hosts Need to Know When Alcohol is Involved

Family and friends’ get-togethers are a time to make memories and have lots of fun; these special moments are marked by lots of food, drinks, and laughter. Some hosts tend to serve a generous amount of alcohol too so their guests can enjoy themselves. However, they fail to realize that they are jeopardizing their friends or family members by doing so.

When you intoxicate somebody, you can be held under social host liability law. The concept of social host liability in Greenville, SC is very strong. Therefore, if somebody is harmed because of the alcohol served by the host then it could lead to legal action. Even if a guest becomes intoxicated at your party and ends up hurting someone else then you as the host shall still be responsible.

In 2012, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that between the ages of 12 – 20, 9.3 million individuals in a certain month.

How Can South Carolina Personal Injury Attorneys Help You?

Social host liability cases are very tricky and often it is very difficult to prove whether a person is innocent or guilty. For example, in some cases, the host might give everybody a minimal amount of alcohol, but the guest later chooses to have more causing him to lose his senses.

In such a situation the host cannot be held completely responsible for the guest. However, according to the law, the host can still be sued in case of damage and hefty charges may be pressed upon them. Thus, it is essential to seek professional help.

Many companies have years of experience in handling social host liability cases in Greenville, SC. Personal injury attorneys can help you make a solid case as they have complete knowledge about different aspects of such cases.

This is where the expertise of a professional comes into play. From the collection of shreds of evidence to recording the time of the incident to probing witnesses, personal injury attorneys in South Carolina can pull you out of despair.

What Do South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers Recommend for Social Host Liability in Greenville, SC?

Here is what our personal injury attorneys suggest:

  • Don’t Practice Recklessness:

The first recommendation given by personal injury attorneys to people is to never practice recklessness. What does it mean? It simply implies that if you’ve seen that a person has already had a few drinks then don’t offer them more.

This could make them lose their senses and might lead to a dangerous incident. Recklessness is when your host is aware of the fact that something bad can happen but continues doing it. In such a case it becomes very difficult to defend the host party. Therefore, it is advised by lawyers to always practice caution and know what you are doing. Sometimes, actions can have consequences.

  • Don’t Let Minors Drink:

You must know the people you are inviting to a party. One should be aware of the number of kids attending the party and their age limits. It is advised that one should never offer alcohol or any intoxicating substance to children below the age of 21. The State of South Carolina can hold you accountable if a minor is found intoxicated at your residence.

However, the social host liability law suggests that if a host is not aware of the fact that the individual having alcohol is below the age of 21, there won’t be any liability.

The Two Types of Social Host Liability Cases:

There are two types of social host liability cases.

1. First-Party Social Hosts Liability Cases:

In first-party social host liability cases, the injured person is the one who has received alcoholic drinks from the host. Nobody else is involved in the accident or injury except for the plaintiff themselves. Even in such cases, the offense is only admitted when the plaintiff is below the age of 21 (minor) or is mentally unstable.

2. Third-Party Social Host Liability Cases:

These are particularly tricky cases because a third party is involved. In these cases, the person who was given alcohol might hurt somebody else. For example, you give alcohol to your friend and they become so intoxicated that they get into a road accident while driving back, causing an injury to a pedestrian. In such a situation, the plaintiff can hold the drunk driver and the host responsible for your state.

Your Plan of Action:

Our personal injury lawyers in Greenville, SC are highly experienced in social host liability cases because a lot of such cases emerge during the holiday season. While it’s great that you indulge in some enjoyment and celebrate your holidays, but at the same time it is crucial to practice caution and stay safe.