Single-Car Crash in Berkeley County Kills Driver

Typically, we tend to think of single-car accidents as being less dangerous than multi-car pileups. In reality, however, these crashes can be just as dangerous as any other. When someone manages to lose control of their car, the results are usually disastrous. This was certainly the case in Berkeley County, South Carolina this weekend.

A man driving a 2006 Dodge pickup truck was traveling Westbound on Old Highway 6 at about 5:10 pm on Friday, January 4. For an unknown reason, he lost control of his vehicle and ran off the right side of the road.

After running off the road, the truck hit a ditch and then ended up crashing into several trees. There was no other car involved in the crash. Given the fact that it happened during a normal Friday rush hour, it’s surprising that no other cars were involved. 

The driver of the truck was the only occupant at the time of the accident. When the police got to the scene, they found that he had died from his injuries. He was pronounced dead at the scene according to Lance Corporal Matt Southern of Berkeley County.

The identity of the man has not yet been released. Given that the accident just happened this past Friday, they may have been waiting to contact his next of kin. No other people were injured in the crash.

There is no cause as of yet. The investigation is still ongoing. There was also no mention of whether alcohol or drugs played a role in the crash.

If your loved one is hurt or killed in a motor vehicle crash in South Carolina, give our Greenville car accident attorneys a call right away.