2 SCDOT Workers Killed in Horry County Crash

Whenever we hear about a tractor trailer accident, we hold our breath. These accidents tend to cause fatalities more than any other sort of crash. The semi-truck is just so much bigger than any passenger vehicle. It’s hard for any driver to withstand the kind of impact in a tractor trailer accident. And, unfortunately, the people who pass away in truck accidents tend to be the people in the cars, not the truck. This proved to be true in Horry Couty, South Carolina this week.

The driver of an 18-wheeler was traveling on Highway-501 at about 2:25 pm Thursday afternoon. The crash happened near Pine Oaks Farm Road. The tractor trailer first crashed into two cars that were stopped in traffic. The truck then proceeded to continue on its path and ran over two SCDOT workers that were standing on the side of the road.

The SCDOT’s truck was legally parked on the side of the road. The workers were clearly in sight. After the truck driver ran over the two workers, he hit a tree. The truck driver suffered only minor injuries and was taken to the local hospital. Five other people were also taken to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the two workers were not so lucky. Both Department of Transportation workers were killed in the crash. One was 35-year old Cecil Morgan from Aynor, South Carolina. The other man was 29-year old David Sibbick of Loris. There has been no comment yet from the victim’s families. However, it does appear that the truck driver – who has not been named – was responsible for the crash and the workers’ deaths.

If your loved one is injured or killed in a tractor trailer accident, contact our office right away.

Source: https://www.wsav.com/news/local-news/south-carolina-news/2-scdot-workers-killed-5-others-hospitalized-in-multi-vehicle-crash-on-hwy-501/