Meeting your personal injury lawyer for the first time can be intimidating. You may have never met with an attorney before. However, you have to remember that your attorney is on your side. He is there to listen to you and find a way to help you solve your problems.

It is important that when you go to see your attorney for the first time you are prepared. You want to do your homework before your first visit. Your South Carolina personal injury lawyer knows nothing about you. He has your name and phone number in his calendar. He may not even have taken the call to set up your free consultation.

Do Your Homework

Your first visit with your lawyer will likely not take very long. Attorneys are busy and have to meet with many clients every day. They are in court a few times a week. It is important that the time they spend with you be productive.

If you retain an attorney for a personal injury case, there are some basic things they will need to know:

  • What happened? Be prepared to describe the circumstances of your accident or injury.
  • Who is involved? Make sure you have the names of everyone involved. Understand what role each person played.
  • Have the dates and times for any important events that took place.
  • If there has been prior communication with the other party, be prepared to discuss this. Your attorney will not have time to listen to a play-by-play. Be ready to summarize any communications between you and the other party.

Your South Carolina Personal Injury lawyer will only know what you tell him. It is important that you are honest and upfront with him. He has to take what you tell him at face value.

Bring All Necessary Documentation

If you’ve suffered a personal injury in Greenville, South Carolina, you will need a lawyer. When you go to see your lawyer for the first time, there are important things you need to bring. Your lawyer will have absolutely no documentation regarding your case. They have a brief note provided by their paralegal or secretary.

It is important that you hold on to all paperwork and documentation related to your case. You want to keep this organized. You want to make sure your papers are clean and legible. Don’t bring a bunch of papers crumpled up in your purse. Have your paperwork neatly organized in a folder of some sort.

When you go to see your lawyer for the first time, bring:

  • Accident or police reports
  • Medical records related to your injuries and treatments
  • Copies of any bills for out-of-pocket expenses related to the accident
  • Pictures of the accident scene or location
  • Contact information for all eyewitnesses
  • Name and insurance information for the other party
  • Pictures of any injuries you suffered (if available)
  • Contact information for your insurance company
  • Copies of documents relating to your insurance policy
  • Communications between you and the other party
  • Letters or documents received by an attorney for the other party

This list may seem long. However, keep in mind your attorney needs to get an idea of what your case entails. He will want to give you an idea of how strong a case you have and will want to determine what value your case may have. He can only do this if he has all the information.

Be Honest and Upfront with Your Personal Injury Lawyer


Persona injury lawyers in South Carolina see new clients every week. Sometimes, they see new clients every day. They handle dozens of personal injury cases every year. It is important that their client be honest with them. That is the only way they can effectively represent them.

When you go to see your lawyer for the first time, be honest. Be upfront. Don’t leave out details that make you look bad. Don’t hide the fact that you may have a criminal history. If there were drugs involved or you were drinking at the time of the accident, tell him.

Your lawyer depends on your being upfront and thorough. The only person who can tell them the whole story is their client. Understand, as well, that the truth will come out eventually. If you are misleading or hold things back from your attorney, he will find out later. It will be frustrating and could affect his ability to represent you.

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