Multi-Car Accidents in Greenville, SC: Who is Responsible and What Happens After?

As the name suggests, multi-car accidents occur when three or more vehicles crash into each other. Such large-scale accidents result in severe injuries for all parties involved. Multi-car accidents in Greenville, SC have become increasingly common with more than 400,000 collisions occurring in the state last year. A minor miscalculation while changing your lane on a busy road can result in numerous vehicles crashing into each other, resulting in serious injuries or loss of lives. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that 40 percent of car accident fatalities in the U.S. occur due to multiple-vehicle accidents.

Injuries, property damages, and other miscellaneous damages become greater when more vehicles are involved. It is a chaotic situation thus it may become difficult to pinpoint who is at fault and what happened. It may turn into a blame game and the at-fault party may be able to avoid their penalty.

Causes of Multi-Car Accidents:

Similar to two-car accidents, the causes of multi-car accidents are alike. However, they can be avoided if the drivers are vigilant and adjust their driving behavior to their surroundings. Some of the causes include:

  • Distracted Driving:

Using mobile devices, eating, doing makeup, or any such activity that causes the driver’s attention to divert from the road.

  • Over Speeding:

Driving your car above the speed limit puts you at the risk of losing control of your car and finding it difficult to maneuver on turns. It gives you less time to react to changing traffic patterns or emergencies.

  • Driving Under the Influence:

Driving after the consumption of alcohol or drugs results in impaired driving and there is a high probability of a serious accident occurring. One person dies in a drunk-driving accident every 50 minutes, in the United States.

  • Tailgating:

Driving too close behind another car can result in not having enough time and distance to stop the car if the vehicle in front suddenly brakes.

  • Breaking Traffic Rules

Breaking a red signal and avoiding safety gears.

  • Other Causes:

Panic stops, overtaking in a wrong manner, and Harsh weather conditions such as snow, icy roads, or harsh sun glares.

Common Types of Multi-Car Accidents in Greenville, SC:

  • Rear-End Crashes:

When a car reduces its speed or slows down, it can be hit by another vehicle coming from the back. The force of the hit pushes the car that was hit. This type of accident has a chain reaction whereby all the cars that are traveling ahead and behind are affected.

  • Highway Crashes:

These occur when a driver over speeds, does improper thinking or drives under the influence. Rear-end, side-impact, and vehicle rollover collisions can occur due to this.

  • Intersection Accidents:

When two or more cars attempt to cross an intersection at the same time, an intersection collision occurs. If a driver breaks a red light and tries to attempt to turn, it can be hit by oncoming traffic.

  • A Two-Vehicle Collision Resulting in a Multi-Vehicle Accident:

If one of the cars moves to another lane, after being struck, other cars and motorcycles may collide with it or swerve to avoid the car and crash in the ongoing traffic.

Why Should You Hire a Greenville Car Accident Lawyer?

Hiring a lawyer to handle your multi-vehicle accident case increases your chances of winning the case drastically. They are experienced at handling such cases with uncertain claims made by all the parties involved. They can sort through the evidence, facts, and such proofs that help determine who is at fault and to what degree, as well as help fight for your compensation. A Greenville Car Accident Lawyer should be hired when the injury has affected your way of life, earning potential for the future and caused immense pain and suffering.

How Can a South Carolina Auto Accident Attorney Help You?

If you or your loved ones have suffered injuries from a Multi-car accident, you are entitled to compensation that will cover your medical costs, property damages, and lost wages. With matters like these, there are great ambiguities attached to it, such as who is at fault, comparative negligence, etc. Since there are many parties involved, with different claims, it creates almost a maze.

A Greenville car accident attorney can guide you out of this maze, with their experience in handling such cases and knowledge about identifying supporting evidence to find the at-fault parties. Contact us to get a free case evaluation and fight for what you have lost due to Multi-car accidents in Greenville, SC.