How to Make a Claim for Loss of Consortium in Greenville, SC

The claim for compensation by the family or spouse of a victim is known as loss of consortium. Every person has the right to make a claim for loss of consortium in Greenville, SC. People who are killed or harmed due to another person’s negligence, deserve justice. That is why Greenville’s laws allow families, lovers, and partners to pursue cases on the behalf of the victim. Spouses can demand compensation for the loss of affection, financial losses, and much more. It is the right of the families of the victims to claim as they also suffer emotionally with the injured person.

Whether a person was attacked by a dog or hit by a car, they and their family go through a huge amount of emotional trauma. The person might be the sole breadwinner of the family and if that’s the case, it could mean lost wages and financial troubles. In 2017, South Carolina had the highest death rate. 988 people lost their lives in accidents and countless families suffered. For this reason, people should be aware of the fact that they can hire legal help to fight against this injustice. Almost every law firm readily accepts such cases, all you need to do is contact the right people at the right time.

Understanding the Claim for Loss of Consortium in Greenville, SC:

Families can claim for damages and losses incurred by their loved ones but it’s important to understand what exactly those damages are. The basic concept is that when a family loses a person who provided them with love, affection, and comfort, they can take the matter to a local court. Under such circumstances, the defendant who caused the accident will have to pay a certain amount to compensate for the loss of these family members. It is a practical and efficient solution because losing a loved one and their support isn’t easy for anyone.

A person who is the backbone of a family and who provides security to the entire clan matters a lot. If such a person is harmed, the entire family can be disturbed. Even though other family members might not be hurt physically, but no one can calculate the amount of grief suffered by them. Therefore, taking action against the accused is a must. These losses usually fall under the following categories:

  1. Loss of service
  2. Loss of emotional support
  3. Loss of quality affection and monetary support

To accurately calculate the amount of money for compensation, these factors should be kept in mind.

The Correct Way to Calculate the Loss:

A claim for loss of consortium in Greenville, SC falls under general damages which means they are considered as non-economic damages. In such cases, the loss isn’t in terms of money; so calculating the correct amount of compensation can be tough. However, the following list of damages and losses would be paid for according to South Carolina rules. These include:

  • Physical and emotional suffering
  • The humiliation suffered due to the third party
  • Harm to reputation
  • Physical impairment
  • Death of loved one
  • Loss of companionship
  • Disfigurement
  • Discontent

The laws of South Carolina are quite clear regarding punitive damage awards.

Who Can Contact Greenville’s Personal Injury Attorneys in the Matter of Loss of Consortium?

A loss of life affects many people. From parents to a spouse to kids, there are so many individuals connected to a victim. All of these people suffer damages along with the victim. Therefore, they have the right to ask for justice. The people who are permitted by the law to bring forward their claim for loss of consortium in Greenville, SC include:

  • Spouse
  • Partners
  • Siblings
  • Biological or adoptive parents
  • Children

These relatives can freely contact the best lawyers near them to discuss their situation and get guidance on the matter.

Contacting Professional South Carolina Personal Injury Attorneys:

Contacting a skilled lawyer is a must if you hope to win your case. At Brumback & Langley, you will find experienced personal injury lawyers in Greenville, SC. We have fought such cases many times and have won high amounts of compensation deserved by their clients. You can contact us for consultation purposes anytime. Not only will we fight for your right, but we will also make sure that you do not have to face any inconvenience. Calculating non-economic damages isn’t that simple. Without legal assistance, the matter could become messy and you might not be able to prove your claim. On the other hand, a top-notch lawyer will dig out proof and help you convince the jury regarding your suffering.

If someone harmed your loved one, fight against the injustice. Our team will surely help you through the process.