How Does Liability Work in a Greenville Dog Bite Injury Case?

A Greenville dog bite injury case can become extremely overwhelming to deal with. Surviving any injury is painful. Along with the pain and suffering, you will also be concerned about the mounting medical expenses. If you have any underlying medical conditions, then a dog bit can further escalate your health issues. In the spring season more and more people come out to enjoy the pleasant weather. This means people will head to parks and jogging trails.

You will see several people around. Everyone including skaters, runners, walkers, and cyclists will be out. However, these people won’t be alone. Most of them will be tagging along with their loyal companions, their dogs, cats, and others pets. Meaning the likelihood for a dog bite injury increases manifolds. In 2020, the number of dog bite claims in the USA was 16,991. Whereas homeowners insurers had to pay $854 million for dog bites liability claims. More dogs out on the streets mean more dog bite cases.

If you live in South Carolina, the law protects your rights in case of a dog bite incident. You are entitled to receive compensation for dog bite injuries from the dog owner or dog handler. Dog bites can have serious consequences. Each year millions of people get treated for dog bites. Hospital emergencies experience several fatal cases of dog bites and many kids die due to dog bite incidents as well.

What You Should Do in a Greenville Dog Bite Injury Case:

If you have been a victim of a dog bite in Greenville, you should be aware of your legal rights. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will help you in strengthening your claim and attain the compensation you need. You may wonder what you should do after a dog bites you.

The first and most significant thing to do if you are injured is to seek immediate medical care. If you have time and your injuries are not life-threatening, you should take the following steps:

  • Immediately report the case to proper authorities
  • You should be able to describe the dog for the report
  • Get complete information of the dog owner/handler
  • You should take photos of your injury and the scene of the incident if you can
  • Document the event; you can do this by making notes so that you don’t miss any crucial information
  • Your injury and recovery progress should also be documented
  • Keep your medical record, diagnosis, treatment, and all medical bills
  • Keep the evidence of your clothes that are torn or stained with blood
  • Immediately consult a professional personal injury attorney with previous experience in dog bite cases

Strict Liability in Dog Bite Cases:

There lies a strict liability in dog bite cases. Under the law of South Carolina, you are strictly liable to conform and provide compensation. If a dog that has been considered as a good dog acts inappropriately resulting in a dog bite injury, the owner/handler will be held accountable.

It is stated under the law that if a person is bitten or attacked by a dog when the person is lawfully present in a private place or a public place, the owner of the dog will be responsible for all damages. Under the statute, a park or a trail will be considered a public place.

Strict liability is not applicable in the following circumstances:

  1. If the victim who was bitten by the dog was provoking the dog
  2. If the victim was breaking the law for instance trespassing private property
  3. If the victim was bitten by a law enforcement canine at the control or direction of the law enforcement

Serious liability verdicts are given against dog owners in dog bite cases. Usually, kids are more prone to such attacks while playing in public places. It is always better to look for your kids while they play and observe others’ pets in public places. If you find any suspicion in their behavior you should stay alert. Such unexpected attacks are difficult to foresee and are often sudden.

Get in Touch with an Experienced Greenville Personal Injury Attorney:

If you or your loved ones suffered injuries from a dog bite, consult an experienced personal injury attorney. In a Greenville dog bite injury case, our personal injury attorneys in Greenville will assist you in gathering evidence, documentation, negotiations, settlement, or filing a claim. You should get complete rest to have a healthy recovery while we obtain the compensation you deserve for your damages. We have years of experience in dog bite injury cases.