Hunting Accident in Walterboro Kills Father and his Daughter

Whether you’re a fan of hunting or not, you’d agree that it’s heartbreaking to hear that someone is hurt or killed in a hunting accident. It’s that time of year when people head out to the woods to hunt deer or other animals. Usually, a group of grownups go out together, set up their blinds, and enjoy their weekend. 99% of the time, nothing goes wrong and everybody makes it home in one piece. Sadly, this was not the case this past month in Walterboro, South Carolina.

A group of 4 people went hunting on New Year’s Day in Walterboro. They had split up into two groups and were trying to drive the deer to their destination. One man, 30-year old Kim Drawdy, was walking in the woods with his 9-year old daughter, Lauren Drawdy. The other two from the group were coming from the opposite direction.

The two friends of Drawdy saw what they thought was a deer in a group of bushes. They fire their weapon. The next thing they knew, they realized that they hadn’t hit a deer at all. They saw their friend and his daughter lying on the ground and they weren’t moving.

They called 911 right away. A transcript of the 911 call was released to the public today. It is very difficult to listen to.

The police said that the shooter claimed he thought he was shooting at a deer, not a person. When he came upon his friend and his 9-year old child, they were not moving.

The investigation is ongoing and the police said that charges may still be filed.

If you lost a loved one in a hunting accident, call our personal injury attorneys in right away.