What to o If I Hit an Animal in A South Carolina Car Accident?

There are different circumstances when you hit an animal because no one can know what exactly happened at the scene apart from the driver. The most important question that should be asked in a South Carolina car accident is what kind of animal was hit. Pet animals, cattle, and wild animals are the three basic types of animals that mostly get hit. Deer, moose, and small animals are considered wildlife animals and there is no legal issue if a wild animal is hit by you.

You might be considered guilty if you strike livestock but only in a few states. There are several laws to determine this liability. In free-range states, the owner of the vehicle will not be considered liable for the hit. There are few states where fencing is necessary and in those states, the livestock owner will be held responsible because they allowed their animals to roam freely.

If you have accidentally hit a pet, the pet owner will be held responsible. Pets, such as cats and dogs are not to be allowed by their owner to roam around freely due to a law known as the leash law.

It is estimated by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, there were approximately 3,086 collisions with deer in 2019. It is shown in the studies that 45% of collisions happen during the breeding season as there is a lot of movement related to breeding.

What to Do After Hitting an Animal with the Vehicle in A South Carolina Car Accident?

If you have hit an animal, the first thing that you should do is pull over and stop the vehicle. There is a high chance that the animal might be still alive and attack you, consequently resulting in severe wounds. It is therefore suggested to maintain a safe distance from the animal.

Contact the police as soon as possible and report the incident. The police officers might be able to help you with the situation. Few things that the police will guide you are:

  • Filling out the accident report that will help you with your claim
  • Collecting the evidence
  • Contacting the appropriate authorities to take care of the remains of the animal or in taking possession of the animal for its veterinary care
  • Divert the other cars or block the place of accident to avoid any other accident
  • If you feel that it is safe to take a picture, do so as it can help you with your compensation claim

After being involved in a South Carolina car accident by hitting an animal, if you are injured or face any damages, you should hire an experienced lawyer who can guide you regarding any kind of legal assistance and help you get your compensation claim.

A South Carolina Car Accident Attorney Explains the Extent of Insurance Coverage:

In a no-fault state, your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) will be able to get you compensated for your injuries.  PIP will help you in compensating for injuries regardless of which party was the culprit in the accident.

However, your property damages will not be covered by PIP. If you are involved in an accident with another driver, you can claim against the other driver by holding them responsible; but after hitting an animal you cannot do so.

Accidents that involve an animal are only covered by comprehensive coverage. Issues like property damage, vandalism, fire, collision with animals, and theft are covered by comprehensive coverage.

Safety Tips to Avoid Striking Animals on the Route:

Collisions with animals are usually inevitable. However, there are some steps that you can take to try to avoid collision with an animal:

  • Avoid being distracted while driving
  • You should follow wildlife crossing guidelines like slowing down your speed
  • Slow down your car in residential areas
  • Make sure you use the traffic lights when it is too dark or even if there is no other vehicle on the road
  • If you are stuck in a situation where you cannot stop the car or prevent hitting the animal, never swerve. Hitting another vehicle can be more dangerous than hitting the animal

If you hit a large animal, the collision can cause that animal to pass through the windshield. If you have enough time to save yourself, try to move away from the windshield and duck.

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