When Does it Make Sense to Go to Trial in Your Greenville Car Accident Case?

People get into car accidents every day. Most of the time, a Greenville car accident is only minor. In cases like this, the insurance company will usually pay your claim. They aren’t going to spend more money to fight a claim than it would cost to just pay it. However, in more complicated cases, this isn’t always the case. For example, if you sustain serious injuries, your claim will be quite large. The insurance adjustor may rather take their chances in court instead of paying the claim.

When this happens, it’s a good idea to call an experienced car accident lawyer in Greenville. They have been dealing with the insurance companies for years. They know which ones are likely to settle and which ones will put up a fight. They also know how to negotiate with the insurance adjustors to get your case settled.

Most of the time, this works. In fact, more than 90% of all car accident lawsuits in South Carolina settle long before trial. This is because it’s in everybody’s best interest to avoid a trial if at all possible. Trials are expensive and time consuming. It could take years before your case is resolved. This means it could take years before you see a dime. But there are times when it doesn’t make sense to settle. Here, we’ll talk about when this is the case. If you aren’t sure how to best handle your car accident claim, talk to a skilled Greenville accident attorney sooner rather than later.

The Insurance Company May Refuse to Settle

There are times when the insurance company refuses to settle. They may feel that their case is so strong that they would rather take their chances in court. For example, if they think you were at fault, they aren’t going to want to pay your claim. Or, if you have a history of filing insurance claims, they may think you’re just seeking unjust compensation. If they have evidence showing that you were partially at fault or intentionally caused the accident, they won’t want to settle.

There are also times when the claim is so big, it makes sense for the insurance company to fight it. They may figure they can drag things out to the very end and then offer a settlement on the eve of trial. This happens more than you may think. The good news is that your Greenville car accident lawyer will continue to try to settle your case the entire time.

The Settlement Offer is Too Low

When you meet with your car accident attorney in South Carolina, they’re going to put a value on your case. Depending on the evidence, they may feel that your case is worth a significant amount of money. This does not mean that the insurance company will agree to a fair amount. They could offer a low settlement hoping that you’ll accept it. Or, they continue to play the back and forth with your attorney until you get frustrated. Your attorney knows what a fair settlement amount is. They aren’t going to encourage you to take less than you deserve.

Of course, very few plaintiffs ever get as much as they hope for. You’ll have to compromise a little. And your attorney understands this. But they’ll do their best to get an amount that at least covers your out of pocket expenses. They also need to make sure the healthcare providers can be reimbursed. If they can’t come to an agreement with the defendant, you’ll have no choice but to go to trial.

Contact a Seasoned Car Accident Lawyer in Greenville Right Away

It’s never a good idea to wait too long before you contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Greenville. Your attorney will need as much time as possible to prepare your case. This is especially true given that the statute of limitations in South Carolina is only three(3) years. If you wait more than a year to reach out to an attorney, your case can become stale. It also puts your attorney under a lot of pressure to file your claim on time.

The best thing to do is call them as soon as possible after your car crash. You can schedule your free, initial consultation right over the phone. If need be, you can even conduct your session online through a video call. The consultation won’t cost you a thing. And, you don’t pay your attorney until you settle your case.