Types of Evidence for a Strong Greenville Car Accident Claim

Filing a Greenville car accident claim can become overwhelming. While getting treated for injuries, you may also experience financial constraints. Apart from the medical expense, you may have to face other expenses such as vehicle repair expenses and lost wages expenses.

You should get complete compensation for all the damages you suffered due to the accident. In 2019, it is estimated that 36,120 people died in accidents. Sustaining serious injuries such as brain injuries or disability due to the accident can change your life forever. A mere thought of such unfortunate consequences sends a shiver down the spine.

It is your legal right to proceed with a claim and receive compensation for your damages especially when the accident resulted due to someone’s negligence. The responsible person must be held liable and should provide a complete claim amount. It is always recommended to hire a professional car accident attorney to overcome all obstacles during the process.

If you intend to file a car accident claim, you are required to prove the liability, damages that you suffered post-accident, and causation. This will help in attaining a settlement or verdict in your favor. Every case is unique according to its circumstances.

Evidence for a Greenville Car Accident Claim; What a Car Accident Lawyer in Greenville SC Needs:

To achieve a successful outcome for your Greenville car accident claim, you should have at least some of the following pieces of evidence:

  • Official Police Report to Obtain A Greenville Car Accident Claim:

To obtain a Greenville car accident claim, it is highly significant to report the accident to the police. The official police reports hold substantial value in your case proceedings. The responding police officers draft the initial accident report.

It includes the impressions of the people involved in the accident. If a driver is under the influence, seems distracted or fatigued, it is mentioned in the initial report. This assists your legal team while investigating the case.

  • Medical Records:

You should immediately seek medical care after being in an accident. You should always keep the medical record including diagnosis, treatment, prescription, and medical bills. This record helps in developing the intensity of physical injuries, medical damages, and causation of the accident.

The medical record may also include mental health evaluation. This is fundamental for the claim of emotional distress damages caused by the accident. Taking photographs of your injuries will also help in analyzing the intensity of the impact.

  • Eyewitnesses Statements:

The statements collected from people at the scene of the accident such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, or passengers further strengthens your case. It is recommended to document the contact information of the eye-witnesses and share it with your legal representatives.

Your legal team will contact the people to establish strong grounds for your case. This might be helpful since due to trauma and shock, you might not be able to recall the exact circumstances in which the accident occurred.

If you were not in the condition to document the contact information of the eye-witnesses, this information will also be available in the accident report.

  • Video Footage:

The use of dash cameras has become very common. Even if you don’t have it in your vehicle, there is a chance another vehicle’s dash camera captured your accident. The accident could also be captured in surveillance cameras.

Your attorney will help to obtain the footage from the owners of the surveillance system. If any passenger or witness recorded a video of the scene of the incident, it can also be presented in the proceedings.

  • Personal Injury Journal:

In certain situations, the law allows compensation for non-economic damages suffered after the accident. This may include psychological trauma, pain, and suffering. To prove non-economic damages, it is essential to keep a personal injury journal.

You can document the way you feel, how the injuries have adversely impacted your quality of life. Mention the tasks and activities you are unable to perform due to the accident, the impact of your injury on your personal life and family. This could be extremely valuable to determine the extent of your pain and other non-economic damages.

Know Your Legal Options through a Car Accident Lawyer in South Carolina:

Our team of highly experienced South Carolina car accident attorneys is committed to assist injured victims. If you are planning to file a Greenville car accident claim, consult our team, we ensure to provide you the compensation you deserve.

When you turn to our team, you will receive personalized attention and assistance all through the case. Whether it be gathering evidence, negotiations for a settlement, or taking your claim to the court, our team is here to ease the entire process while you focus on a healthy recovery.