Do You Have to Pay Back Medical Bills When You Settle Your Greenville Car Accident Lawsuit?

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know how scary it can be. Even if the accident is only minor, you may still end up with a few injuries. Nobody can afford to get the medical care they need without insurance. It can cost thousands of dollars, even if your injuries are minor. That’s why it’s important to understand how your medical bills will be covered after a car accident in Greenville, South Carolina.

The good news is that your insurance company will cover your bills. Or, if the defendant is at fault, their insurance company will ultimately have to cover these expenses. The question a lot of accident victims has is when they’ll be expected to pay this back. Like it or not, whichever insurance company covers your medical care, they’ll expect to be paid back.

The timing and way you’ll reimburse the insurance company depends on who paid. For example, if you have Medicare or Medicaid, they’re going to place a lien against your lawsuit. This way, they can guarantee that they’ll be paid back when you settle or win your case. The same is true if your personal health insurance pays for this care. They’ll expect to be paid back in full once your case settles.

Having an experienced car accident lawyer in Greenville will help with this process. Not only will they arrange and manage this repayment, they’ll negotiate with the provider and try to get the amount reduced. That’s why it’s a good idea to call and talk to an experienced Greenville car accident lawyer as soon as possible after your crash.

Your Insurance Will Initially Cover Your Medical Bills in South Carolina

One of the most important things you need to do after your Greenville car accident is to go to the emergency room. This way, you can get the medical care you need. This will also ensure that there is official proof of your injuries. Your Greenville car accident lawyer will need this in order to prove your case.

When you go to the hospital, you’ll have to fill out some paperwork. There will be a question that asks if your injuries are related to a car accident. This is so they can let the insurance company know that there may be an auto insurance claim involved. Whether it’s your auto insurance or your private health insurance that pays for your medical care, they’ll want to be reimbursed. This paperwork helps guarantee that this happens.

Your Insurance Company Will Be Paid Back from Your Settlement Proceeds

When you do settle your case, two of the people that will be paid first are your attorney and the company that covered your medical care. Before you see a dime of your money, this will need to happen. Legally, your healthcare provider has a right to be paid back in full. If your settlement is large enough, this is what will happen. However, there are ways your attorney can negotiate a lesser amount.

One way this can happen is if your settlement carves out a certain amount to be used for medical bills. The same is true if you go to trial and get a judgment. There will be a specific amount designated to cover medical care. If this is the case, the provider will only be able to demand this amount.

If your case does not limit the amount designated for medical bills, your Greenville car accident attorney can still help. They can talk to the health insurance company (or State provider) and try to get the amount reduced. While there’s no guarantee this will happen, it’s a lot more likely if you have a lawyer handling your case.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Greenville Right Away

If you or your loved one are involved in a serious car accident in Greenville, call our office right away. Let an experienced car accident lawyer review your case and give you an idea of what to expect. They’ll negotiate with the insurance company to get your claim paid. They’ll also make sure your medical bills are paid back when your case settles.

Call our office today and schedule your free initial consultation. You can sit down with someone who’s handled dozens of cases like yours in the past. They can give you an idea of what your case is worth. They’ll also answer any questions you may have. The consultation is free and you don’t have to pay anything until your case is settled.