What To Do if the Insurance Company Denies My Claim?

Every month when you write out that check to your insurance company, it’s for a good reason. If you get into a car accident, you need to make sure your injuries are covered. That’s why you have car insurance.

If you get into any sort of car accident, you’ll probably be injured. You’re going to need to file a claim against the other driver’s insurance policy. If they approve your claim – great. You’ll receive your check in a week or two. But what do you do if your claim is denied?

In a perfect world, everyone’s insurance claim would be paid and nobody would ever need to sue anyone else. But the world isn’t perfect. In fact, it’s far from it. If insurance companies paid every claim that cross their desks, they’d go bankrupt.

In order to stay profitable, insurance companies need to deny certain claims. Sometimes, they deny large claims because they think they can settle for less. Other times, they have more legitimate reasons for denying a claim.

If your car accident claim is denied, you need to call a car accident lawyer in Greenville.

Common Reasons for an Insurance Company to Deny a Claim

If someone causes a car accident, they should be responsible for any injuries that ensue. The problem is, nobody is ever going to admit that they caused an accident. Everyone points the finger at the other guy.

When it comes to an insurance adjuster, they have to make the best decision for their company. There are lots of reasons why they may deny your claim. Some of these may include:

  • The policy wasn’t valid
  • The policy lapsed for non-payment
  • The driver wasn’t listed on the policy
  • They believe you were at fault
  • They don’t think your injuries were legitimate
  • You have a history of filing accident claims

If the policy wasn’t valid, there’s nothing your car accident lawyer in Greenville can do for you. No insurance company is going to pay a claim on an invalid policy.

Your car accident attorney can try to get your claim paid. He can talk to the insurance adjuster and find out what his real motive was for denying the claim. If the claim is large, it could just be that the adjuster wants to settle for a lower amount. If the claim isn’t large, the insurance company may just believe that their client wasn’t at fault.

What Happens if the Insurance Company Won’t Settle Your Claim?

If the insurance adjuster refuses to settle your claim, your Greenville auto accident attorney will have to file a lawsuit on your behalf. It’s his job to get you the compensation you deserve. If he can’t do it with the insurance adjuster, he’ll do it through the courts.

Just because your lawyer files a lawsuit doesn’t mean you won’t settle your claim. In fact, over 90% of all car accident lawsuits do settle long before trial. Nobody wants to go to trial. They’re time consuming and expensive. You’re much better off settling your claim than you are taking your chances in court.

Your attorney is going to demand that you be compensated for your injuries. Some of his demands will include:

  • Medical bills – You’re entitled to be covered for your current and future medical bills. Your doctor can testify as to how much future medical treatment you’ll need.
  • Lost Wages – If you miss time from work, the defendant will have to reimburse you for this time. Your car accident lawyer in Greenville will submit proof of how much time you missed.
  • Property Damage – Obviously, if you get into a car accident, you’re going to need to pay for car repairs. The defendant should have to pay for these expenses.
  • Pain and Suffering – If your injuries are serious enough, you may be entitled to pain and suffering. These damages are intended to compensate the plaintiff for mental and physical anguish.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina

If you’re into a car accident, you need to contact a car accident lawyer in Greenville. You need to sit down with an experienced lawyer who knows what it takes to get you paid. You need to focus on recovering from your injuries. Let your attorney handle the legal side of things.

If the insurance company has denied your claim, call and schedule your initial consultation today. It’s absolutely free and you pay nothing until you settle your claim.